Sunday, April 13, 2008

Electronic Bat-Cave Still Active!


I just made an amazing discovery! The electronic Bat-cave that Batman and I made about 6 years ago (and have made 0 updates to in about 4 years) is still active! If you have seen our 3rd and 4th episodes but were never blessed with seeing the 1st and 2nd episodes, you should log on because we have a lot of material up there, especially how Batman and I came to be heroes!

Here's the link:



Saturday, April 05, 2008

Origins of the Derivative? Part II

Just who is the Derivative and where does he come from? Well, believe it or not, he has not been just imagined by Joey and I. The character of the Derivative actually exists elsewhere. When Joey and I were in High School, we shared the same Calculus I and II classes. In Calculus I, we watched this very unusal video called the "Creepy, Crawly World of Calculus."

The video tries to use stories mixed with "horror" elements and comedy to explain Calculus. It's a very interesting idea. Anyway, the episode to explain the Derivative's origins is quite simple. A math nerd sets a really high curve on a test. The jocks in the class get mad at him and throw him into a science lab, which explodes leaving him covered in black polka dots. The nerd gets mad and dons a white sheet covered in polka dots and becomes the "Derivative" with one mission: eliminate those pesky jocks!

The Derivative you see in our stories is much more tame. He's just out to make a lot of money. However, his costume and name was completely inspired by this movie! In case you've never seen the Derivative up close, here he is in a shot from Episode 2: Newton's Newtons.

Unfortunately, this is all Batman and I know about the Derivative of Gotham City. He just showed up one day and has been causing problems for you good citizens ever since! Currently, the Derivative is at large. If you see this man, you should be warned he is armed (with knockout gas) and considered highly dangerous! Contact your local law enforcement who can then alert Batman and I to capture that terrible thief!



Saturday, March 29, 2008

Origins of the Derivative?


Much appologies for the laps in communication the past couple of days. Dick Grayson has had a busy week and didn't have much time to become "Robin." However, my extended abscence has given me plenty of time to think of fresh material to satiate all of your Batman hunger!

I don't have much time to post now, but I will leave you with this tantalizing thought: Where did the Derivative come from? What are his origins? And, what is his future in the Batman universe? Holy Two Part Posts Batman! Tune in tomorrow, Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel! One hint: The best is yet to come!



Monday, March 24, 2008

Batman vs. Predator?


Yes, that does sound like a silly premise. However, I have found a fanflick on YouTube that has this very match up! The film is quite good (I found out they only had a budget of 30k for it... :-P). And, to date, I think it is the best interpretation of the Joker I have seen.

This is definately worth a watch!



Favorite Robinism?


Inspired by my last post, I felt I should share with you my favorite Robinism from our 4 Episodes of Batman. What, was my favorite line I delivered?

For those not familiar, a Robinism is a line where Robin punches his fist and says to Batman, "Wow! Holy..." and the following line must use alleteration and reference something Batman directly said.

For example, in Episode 1, Batman and Robin rush into the movie theater only to find it empty. Robin promptly says, "Terrifying Theatrics! No one is here!"

In Episode 3, The Derivative uses knockout gas on the Duo to a great effect and Robin screams, "Great Gasious Granades! It's gas!"

In all honest, my favorite Robinism I ever delievered was, "Holy Taxation Without Represenation Batman!" This line comes from Episode 3 and is said right after Comissioner Gordon says the Gotham Liberty Bell has been stolen.

I'm not sure really why I like that line so much. I think it's pretty original. You don't see it coming. Also, I delievered it with such energy in the final take we used that it always makes me laugh.

Of course, there are many favorite lines I have to say. But, this one will always hold a special place in this crime fighters heart!



Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not a "man", a "Henchman!"


In honor of Easter, I thought I'd give you two glorious posts to reveal over today! Holy Estatic Easter Suprises Batman!

You may be wondering what my favorite joke we pulled in the course of our 4 Episodes of Batman. To me, I'd honestly have to say it was in Episode 1. Batman and Robin learn the Derivative is hiding out in a movie theater. They rush in but the movie is rated "R", so Robin can't go in. So, I'm hanging out in the lobby when a strange man (who happens to have the word "Man" on his tee-shirt) comes up to me and asks me if I'd like some refreshments.

Now, I SHOULD have known not to take refreshments from a stranger. But, you have to remember that Robin is just a young boy and Batman wasn't there to guide him. Also, in case you don't remember, all the bad guys in the show have signs on their shirt that say "Henchman" on them.

I order a glass of milk from the man. He gives it to me and Robin faints, clearly a victim of poision. At that point, the "man" reveals that the "hench" part of his sign was covered up and he is really a henchman!

Every time I see that I laugh and I can't believe the original 60s show didn't ever do something like that. I mean, with everything being labeled, it only makes sense that to "disguise" your true identity, all you have to do is cover up your sign!



Happy Easter


From us at the Bat-Cave, may you and your loved ones have a blessed Easter and rejoice in our Savior's Ressurection Day!

Your Faithful Servants,

Batman & Robin

Saturday, March 22, 2008



Have you heard of a movie called "Grayson?" I doubt you have. In fact, there is no such movie. There is however, a trailer for a movie named "Grayson."

Holy Stupifying Situations Batman! What could all this mean?

Well, in Hollywood, two chaps wanted to make a trailer to showcase their talent. All that being said, the trailer is quite good and would make an interesting movie. The plot is that Batman is mysteriously murdered and Dick Grayson, now in his 30s, comes out of retirement to try and catch his killer. It looks fun to me (mainly because Robin is the main character!) and worth a watch! Hope you enjoy it.



Robin and Robin Hood?


Did you ever wonder where the idea for Robin and his costume came from? According to the late Bob Kane, it actually came from Robin Hood! His costume does have a rather medevial feel to it when you're looking at the boots, shirt and mask.

But, perhaps, maybe what REALLY happened is Robin went back in time and inspired Robin Hood to dress like him. Of course, we'll never really know...



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Little Less than Four Months to Go...


I'm sure by now you have all heard about the release of The Dark Knight coming to theaters! The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, is looking to this hero to be as good as the first! It's scheduled to be released in a little less than 4 months on July 18th. Batman and I will probably find some unique way to show our support for this other Batman and applaud his crime fighting efforts (we all know who the real Batman is anyway!)

If you haven't seen the trailer or heard much about it, check it out here:

Personally, I'm excited to see the Joker in action! (my favorite comic book hero) We'll keep you posted about any plans for Batman and I to see the film (on opening day of course!)